Which Countries Are in Need of Digital Marketers?

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The way we use information, connect with each other and perform everyday things like banking are entirely online. With more than half of people on web-based technology, it’s not surprising that the need for highly competent digital marketers is rising. If you’re still not convinced, check out this salary guide for Digital Marketers.

However, it is true that not all internet use is equally distributed across the world. According to the Internet World Stats, 94 percent of North Americans access the internet regularly, while only 43 percent of Africans do.

For marketers, digital or marketing graduates, this level of usage of the internet could significantly affect where their expertise is sought-after across the world. In a profession that is dependent on networking, digital marketers should concentrate on the appropriate population and the appropriate product or service.

How do digital marketing initiatives measure against other nations around the globe, and if so, what are the top cities to find marketing positions?

A Skills Gap in Digital Marketing

For businesses around the globe that are in the business of technological know-how, digital marketing and managing social media marketing is now a requirement. This is an amazing development for digital marketers who are ambitious, as many high-profile brands are looking to invest in digital experts to build and expand their teams of marketing.

A study of “Perpetual Evolution” in conjunction and The Economist Group found that there is a high demand for experienced digital marketers. But the problem is that many marketers struggle to stay on top of the latest technological advancements and requirements, particularly due to the Covid-19 virus has forced many companies to sell and market their products online because of worldwide lockdowns. The result is that businesses find it harder to find individuals with the specific abilities they require – soft and hard capabilities alike.

What are the requirements for becoming a digital marketing specialist?

Based on the research, the main drivers for the success of companies are their customer experience, data, and analytics, followed by strategy, planning, and management of brands.

Senior marketers have also acknowledged the importance of soft skills required for digital marketing to create change, grow, and build a strong marketing team in the near future. The three most important soft skills identified were creativity, technology, and analytical thinking.

What are the essential soft skills in the field of digital marketing?

While the gap in skills in the field of digital marketing is evident all over the world but it is seen more strongly in certain specific areas. In 2028 Salesforce study predicts that G20 nations could be unable to capitalize on $11.5 trillion when the growing digital skill gap isn’t addressed, and it could affect:

  • Product development
  • Innovation and delivery
  • Experience and satisfaction of customers

While many of the most sought-after digital-related skills fall within the same categories, there is demand for a particular set of digital-related skills that differs between nations. For instance, the growing popularity of mobile technology throughout Africa, in addition to South America, makes mobile marketing strategies an extremely sought-after skill.

Social Media is an additional segment that is expanding worldwide; however, usage is especially significant in Asia, especially in the Philippines as well as in a number of African countries. The usage of social platforms increased during the outbreak because people used them to connect and to purchase. Digital marketers with knowledge and experience in social media are incredibly useful to businesses of any size.

Digital Marketing Skills are in high demand in which countries?

What countries are in the greatest need of marketers using digital technology worldwide, and why is the market so high in certain areas compared to others?

Digital Marketing Skills in Canada

According to a KPMG study, Canadian businesses are trying to find employees with digital-related skills. This is becoming increasingly challenging due to the growth of technological advancements and automation in the wake of Covid. “While the pandemic provided a catalyst for many businesses to accelerate their digital strategies, competition for digitally-skilled talent has made implementing these strategies more difficult,” said Armughan Ahmad, President & Director of Digital at KPMG, Canada.

Digital Marketing Skills in India

In India, Research conducted by Amazon Web Services revealed that the number of employees in India who require digital skills will have to grow by nine times by 2025 in order to keep up with technological developments and demands. Today, skilled digital workers comprise just 12 percent of the workforce in India, so it is essential to be successful in the field of marketing.

Digital Marketing Skills in the United States

In the race to be one of the more technologically advanced countries around the globe and the US is at the forefront of digital transformation and innovation. To keep that distinction, American companies need to employ marketers who have digital knowledge that is both generalist and specialized to stay ahead of technological advances.

Digital Marketing Skills in the UAE

Within the Middle East, 30 percent of decision-makers had difficulty filling tech roles, especially in the fields of cloud computing, data analytics, AI, mobile technologies as well as machine learning, and advanced security. Digital marketing skills, including soft skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, will also be sought after as businesses realize that they require to strike a balance between human resources and technology. With the population of the United Arab Emirates shrinking by 15 percent because of the pandemic, digital abilities are expected to be highly sought-after.

Digital Marketing Skills in Australia

A recent report from RMIT University revealed that around 87 percent of the jobs available in Australia today require digital expertise, and there’s a requirement for 156,000 tech-savvy workers to keep pace with technological advancements. After the pandemic, one-third of Australian professionals believed their job was changing, while 4 percent of them reported that they lacked the required skills for their daily tasks.


The internet has swept across the globe, and marketing is now almost entirely digital because of the internet’s revolution. Today, we don’t require traditional ways of communicating to communicate information. Thanks to Social media platforms, it’s easy to promote brands and spread information across the globe. Digital channels are now the fastest and most effective way to spread your message to the masses. Computers and smartphones have evolved into a portal for everyone. In the world, individuals increasingly rely heavily on the internet for information, communicate with one another as well as perform daily tasks. It’s not surprising that the need to hire digital-savvy marketers has been rising due to the fact that more than 50% of the population is connected to the internet.

Today, people spend two times more time on the internet than they did fifteen years ago. In the end, people almost live on the internet. Internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 min each day. In response to this trend in consumer habits, businesses have made a shift in their business strategies to increase their presence online. It is a field that is growing rapidly. Digital marketers are popular because nearly every business is looking to market and sell its products and services online.

The internet has reached all corners of the world, and now digital marketing is an enormous field that covers a broad range of knowledge. A single tweet can cause an organization’s share and stock to decrease substantially. The potential of digitalization in the present is immense. So if one wants to make his/her career a success, then digital marketing is the right choice for you because it is one of the flourishing fields nowadays! 

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