WhatsApp Marketing: What You Need to Know

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Instant Messaging is everywhere in people in 2023 – regardless of where you live in Canada, China, India, or Cameroon. WhatsApp is currently the most-used instant messaging platform, with more than 2 billion users per month. However, it’s only a minor part of most marketing plans. Even seven years after Facebook acquired it, we still ask, “does WhatsApp matter to marketers?

What is WhatsApp marketing? 

If you’re looking to keep customers informed of promotions, offer accessible services to customers, or improve the visibility of your business, WhatsApp is a perfect tool. Today WhatsApp marketing strategy is the best. In addition, with the introduction to WhatsApp business, It’s now simpler than ever to create strong relationships with your customers.

When you use WhatsApp Business, you can provide personalized customer support to your clients via automated messages and chatbot-like functions. For example, if you’re launching your service, WhatsApp can automatically send the notifications you’ve designed to the people you’ve chosen to be your customers.

Imagine selecting customers as being associated with crowd segmentation — something you can accomplish with the app via broadcast lists—show lists.

In addition, if you have an international customer or base, you’ll be able to make it easy and economical to communicate with customers from across the world, as WhatsApp doesn’t charge any fees to communicate with international customers. This can help build relationships with your customers abroad and allows quick problem-solving.

Then, we’ll demonstrate how to use the tools within WhatsApp Business to make an efficient WhatsApp advertising campaign.

How do you create a WhatsApp Business profile?

Creating an account on WhatsApp Business profile is simple and especially easy if you’ve got the app installed. If not, go to your local app store and enter ” WhatsApp Business.” It will link your account to the Business profile if you already have an account.

After that, you must take a moment to accept the Terms and Conditions and enter a phone number. (To avoid using your number, you can alter it by going to Settings).

Then, you’re done! You can ensure that your Business account appears professional and polished by clicking here. You can also start to look into the specific functions for businesses available to you, such as short contact labels and links.

Let’s discuss some features that you’ll be able to use within WhatsApp Business.

The first step is to list your contact information for your company, including email address addresses, address, and a URL, under your “Business Profile” section, accessible by clicking “Business Settings.” They’re identical if you’ve ever looked at a Facebook and Google Business profile. Your WhatsApp Business profile will be an overview of your business.

Your profile on LinkedIn will be displayed as one, which means that when you interact with leads or customers, it will be apparent that they’re communicating with your business. Another way to distinguish your customers is the green checkmark:

It will appear when the account has been verified through WhatsApp. This requires the app to confirm that the information you’ve provided to create your profile is correct.

You’ll also be able to label your operations for sales, view information on messaging data (such as the statistics of the frequency of messages being delivered, sent, and read), and create an inventory of the products offered by your company. We’ll review how these features can benefit your marketing plan later in this section.

How to Use WhatsApp for Business?

It is possible to use WhatsApp for business purposes in several different ways. However, it is mainly utilized for sharing and communication, which is the primary purpose of using WhatsApp to benefit you.

WhatsApp is a practical application to include in your toolbox. It can increase visibility, speed up communication, and organize your workflow.

The app is free to use and manage, so you don’t need to pay to install new software. Today, one can go for WhatsApp social media marketing. Then, we’ll discuss other ways you can use WhatsApp to boost the value of your business.

Increase the visibility of your company.

Like Facebook, WhatsApp allows businesses to set up a Business profile through the application. Your profile page will include essential information about your customers, including address, description, website, and contact information. You can also have an inventory of your WhatsApp profile as the following:

The catalog tool allows you to upload your items in bulk; qualifying customers can browse through your products on the application. This is a simple method for customers to understand what they can buy from your company. A business page for your business will increase the number of customers connecting with your business through the application.

Let’s say, for instance, your clients are interested in knowing the services you offer but aren’t interested in searching for them. When your catalog is appropriately set up, they can browse your products before diverting to another topic.

Catalogs can be used to showcase a brand-new line of products or showcase your most popular items to draw your customers’ attention.

Reduce the time it takes to respond.

If you’re using WhatsApp Business, you can interact with customers directly. It is also possible to automate messages with a chatbot to ensure that your customers receive answers to their questions quickly.

Consider saving some quick responses for your clients. It’s an online “FAQ” that reduces having to type or copy and paste answers to the most commonly asked questions.

You could think about an offer of content that includes rapid responses. For example, you could customize your welcome email to inquire about new products ( “Welcome! Would you like to know about our new sale? “) and include a short response with a link to your catalog or another webpage or promotion.

Organize your duties

WhatsApp offers a variety of options for organizing your contacts. For instance, you can arrange your communications with the label system. Additionally, suppose you have an integrated CRM with WhatsApp or similar apps, such as HubSpot. In that case, it is possible to transfer contact information directly through your CRM into the app and manage conversations there, such as the following:

If you can integrate WhatsApp into your CRM system, you will not need to add contacts to the WhatsApp account manually. Instead, both platforms collaborate to bring information about communications to your company dashboard.

In addition, if you wish to archive conversations you’ve had with your customers, you can use the option by integrating. For instance, HubSpot customers can access the conversations they have had in the past on the HubSpot dashboard:

This will enable you to monitor your clients and the relationships you build with them. Check out this tutorial for more details about integrating your contact data with HubSpot.

This will enable you to monitor your clients and the relationships you build with them.

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