The Creative Fundamentals of Video

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There are about 500 hours of videos posted to YouTube each minute. Those are a lot of videos! But, on the other hand, a few could be better. Some are rough and need to be more professional. Others need more story or focus or appear to be silly vanity projects. That’s why specific videos are successful while others aren’t.

As a marketer, you must ensure your social media videos perform for you. So how do you ensure that your videos are recognized above the rest and make an impact in the current social media world?

Tips for Making Creative Videos

Through the years, YouTube has analyzed its most popular creators and how they interact with their viewers through the site. As a result, they’ve identified ten fundamental principles that are the foundation of a strategy for video creation. Although you can follow some of these principles in all your videos, The more you implement them into your video content, the more likely others will share and view your videos.

What are the ten essentials of creativity in successful videos?


Are people likely to make a video available for sharing? Find a topic or format that makes people desire to share the video. Content that is interesting to your audience is more likely to be shared. As a result, your content is more visible, and you can reach a larger audience.


Do your videos work as independent content? Choose a format for your video content that can be enjoyed in isolation from the other video content in the channel. For example, if someone views YouTube videos, will they want them without having to look at all the other videos on your channel? Being accessible means that your content is logical in its own right. This means you can utilize individual videos to fill in various feeds, broadening your audience.


Are you speaking to your viewers or simply communicating with them? Ensure that there is the element of talking directly to the viewers in your video. In addition to speaking now to your viewers, engage them in an ongoing conversation. 


Have you got a uniform video format and timetable? A combination of elements may be concerned with consistency. However, it’s crucial to follow a routine. Make sure you use the same video format throughout. Keep your brand consistent and ensure a uniform appearance across your video display advertising.


If you find a good and creative video, can you create another similar one? If you come across a winning video format, you’ll likely want to make the same video in various forms and across different regions of the internet. But, you might only be able to do this when the video is costly.


Do people discover your display video? It is essential to make it as simple as you can for people to locate your videos, particularly on the top site to watch videos on the internet! Be sure your titles are in order and that your metadata clearly defines the subject matter of your video. Remember the types of content people are looking for and design the kinds of videos that users are likely to seek out.

To make the content accessible, you should ensure that your videos are optimized to be search-friendly. In the end, YouTube is the second-largest search engine worldwide! The more you can optimize your video content for search engines, the higher the chance viewers will find and watch them.

Check out the UK car website Carwow as a great example.

Here are some helpful tips to optimize your videos for Google:

  • Description: Anticipate what people would be looking for to locate your video. Name your video based on what they will likely enter into YouTube to search for this content. Include keywords that are relevant to the video as well as your brand.
  • Description Describe with keywords for the video. Include an explicit call-to-action and hyperlinks to other videos, social media channels, and other resources on your site. 
  • TagsTag your videos with keywords that are relevant to them. This can help your video be associated with similar ones and increase your reach.
  • Thumbnail YouTube suggests using a 1280×720 pixel image to ensure that your thumbnail appears good on any size screen.


Do you have the capability to band with other creators of the video? You may be interested in forming an agreement that is mutually paid. Many digital content creators work with other creators to develop their platforms. For successful collaborations, you must ensure you’ve got the same target audience and create an appealing guest appearance. It’s also essential to join forces with people with an affinity for your product.


How can viewers interact with your content video? YouTube does not only a platform for broadcasting. It’s more than another option to help you communicate your message. It’s an interactive platform. So find a way to let your audience be involved in shaping your content through feedback, ideas for content, and UGC. (UGC). Social listening can allow you to make the most of audience engagement.

Find ways to involve your readers in the content you create. If your viewers feel that they are taken into consideration and that the content you are putting out is developed in response to their feedback, they will appreciate it and return to see more.


Who’s your digital marketing video for? The video you create must be targeted toward a specific person. Also, be clear about who the content will be attempting to at. Then, tailor the content to meet their preferences and requirements. This improves the chances of the video being able to resonate with them.

You can gain insight into your target audience by engaging them on social media, learning what they enjoy and don’t, and understanding what they expect from your platform. The more targeted your target audience is, the higher interaction you’ll get from your content.


Do you have a genuine passion for your video? Your content should be credible and demonstrate your love for the subject. It is essential to believe in what you’re uploading. When you’re on camera, it’ll be apparent through body language that you are passionate about the topic. Your viewers will be more engaged in your content when they believe your message is trustworthy and authentic.

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