Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are the ideal and most effective way to connect with your target audience and begin an engaging two-way conversation. Trunk Nut, one of the most reliable social media marketing companies in Delhi/NCR.

In this day and age, there are more than 3 billion active users of social media platforms, thus, it is important to create and sustain a visible, active, and positive presence online to successfully establish your brand.

Trunk Nut is a distinguished social media marketing agency in Delhi-NCR that offers specifically tailored solutions to leverage the ‘Viral Power’ of these platforms to grow your business.

Our SMM strategies are always up-to-date and modified based on the evolving trends of the social media realm.

How Can We Help Your Business Progress via Social Media Marketing?

The world has embraced the convenience and accessibility of smartphones, hence, it is crucial to make sure that your brand is accessible to your target audience.

The campaigns we create are designed to make your presentation stand out among the users across all the different social media platforms. By doing this, we make sure to get you more followers, which can easily turn into leads.

The experts of Trunk Nut strive to always stay ahead of the competition, thus, making sure that we remain one of the best social media marketing Services Companies in India.

Our team is made up of a collective of highly skilled, creative, and strategic digital marketers. Our mission is to assist start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and brands in making their presence known in the digital world.

Through our proficient social media marketing services, we bring your brand closer to your target audience by creating/enhancing interaction with them using interesting and unique content.

We take our jobs seriously here at Trunk Nut and that is why our team works around the clock to guarantee that you achieve your desired success with the help of social media marketing.

At the heart of our success in marketing and advertising is effective planning, something we are dedicated to delivering. Our strategies always strive to stay ahead of the curve to bestow maximum benefit to our partner brands at the lowest cost.

In the present digital age, each brand must tackle the intimidating and prospective arena of Social Media, but with our expert services and techniques, you can ensure successful outcomes.

Choose Your Plan

Plan A

Starting From
Contact Us
  • Platform: Facebook + Instagram
  • Budget Range: 20k-50k
  • No. of Campaign: 2
  • Max Adsets: 6
  • No. of Ads: 2 per Adset
  • Reports: Weekly
  • Support: Email
  • Monthly Fee: Contact Us
  • Quarterly Fee: Rs.36,000

Plan B

Starting From
  • Platform: Facebook + Instagram
  • Budget {Monthly}: Upto Rs.1.5 lac
  • No. of Campaign: 2-4
  • Max Adsets: 4-10
  • Reports: Weekly
  • Support: Email
  • Monthly Fee: Rs.18,000
  • Quarterly Fee: Rs.54,000

To successfully drive up sales, we develop leads and foster conversions. Crafting content to sustain consumer attention and cultivate brand loyalty is an onerous task given the fickle tastes of the customer.

  • We conceive thrilling contests each month to retain the attention of consumers and engage them with the brand. Not only does this elevate the appeal of the brand in the eyes of the customers, but it also offers them a platform to communicate with the brand.

We encourage our partner brands to actively involve themselves in creative forms of interaction with their target consumer demographic to make their brand the current talking point.

We specialize in devising a distinctive campaign for every associate brand to bring them freshness and keep their brand alive in the ever-evolving environment. Establishing new campaigns consistently preserves consumer attention and expands the leads for the brand.

We aid our partner brands in creating and maintaining a robust connection with their target consumer pool to boost brand recognition and promote customer loyalty.

Social media marketing includes paid social media advertising, where money is spent to put your brand in front of your target audience. We offer advertising services on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.