Social Media Crisis Preparedness

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A social media disaster is a terrifying possibility. In fact, organizations tend to not think about it. They have preliminary plans in place and only learn to handle a crisis when they are faced with problems.

Every single social media crisis, including one that’s online, can be handled. If you prepare with care and follow the spirit of a team that can do anything, you’ll be capable of identifying, avoiding the threat, dealing with, and gaining knowledge from any situation you might face.

Establish a crisis management team

In the event of a crisis when a crisis does occur, who is part of the team? What are their roles and what authority do they be given? It’s too late to determine this during a crisis, so it is crucial that they’ve worked in tandem before the crisis occurs.

It takes time to build trust. A group that is united and has trust in each other will be better in the high anxiety of the crisis than a group of individuals who have never interacted before. Be sure that there is a small group, with the smallest levels of authority. The decisions must be taken quickly and in a manner that is believable.

Establish processes

Create a crisis management plan. Make sure that it’s concise and simple – not more than a page since nobody has the time to sit down and read “War and Peace” in an emergency!

We agree on one internal communication channel

Select an internal communication channel that is transparent like Microsoft Teams or Slack to ensure you are in complete control of the information shared by your team when the crisis unfolds.

Choose who will be in charge

At what point does sign-off occur? Are the team members empowered to take all decisions? What time do they have to receive approval from higher-level officials and from who?

Keep track of who your friends are

The traditional media are highly regarded by the general public. This is the perfect moment to ask for favors from your journalists and influencer friends. What are they, and how can you get in touch with them in the event of a crisis?

Be aware of the content you own

Be sure that your social content repository is properly documented, and is easy and quick to locate content, or develop new content to address the issue of a crisis.

Choose who will be your representative

Someone has to accept the responsibility. They could be required to show humility and be truthful about what happened and demonstrate the authority and confidence to assume responsibility for the company.

We agree with your crisis tone of voice

Ideally, this should be in line with your brand’s positioning, yet also sympathetic human, considerate and authentic (if this isn’t your principles).

Be friends, not enemies. There’s no reason to escalate the situation in a situation where a more tolerant approach can help build bridges and calm the situation.

Choose how you will assess whether you’re winning

What are the most important details you’ll need to know if the trend is shifting in your direction? Do you plan to use sentiment analysis and complaint levels, stock prices, or any combination of a variety of elements?

It is helpful to have a few granular indicators in addition to the statistics that are headlined however, you should be aware of whether your crisis management strategy is either improving or causing damage to the situation.

Choose the top social media channels that you require to control

In what areas is it crucial that you distribute your key messages in a trustworthy and consistent manner? This would include the channel on which the most critical events are taking place however, it is also common to include other channels that are important, such as:

  • Twitter, where journalists and other traditional media sources are very engaged,
  • Instagram is where celebs and influencers are well-known and have a large following and actively participate
  • For large segments of the population, Facebook is about social media the preferred channel to get news, as it is a massive social network with a huge reach.


Social media is anything but a social strategy, and it’s not a supportive friend or a vocal critic. When an organization continuously listens to learn, engages, and learns its crisis management and reputation will only improve.

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