Persian Recipes to Spice Up Your Instagram Marketing

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According to author Alex Pinto: We are not even aware of our own power until we are forced to unlock this hidden power. Even in the worst of times, war and emergency, people manage to achieve remarkable things. Amazing things humans can do when it comes to creating life.

Visit Tehran, the capital of Iran, when everything changes. The damaging effects of the country’s prolonged isolation and trade embargo are evident. Many misfortunes can happen that you witness. We will see a country that has successfully solved its problems.

Why is Instagram so popular in Iran?

For unrelated reasons, Instagram is still allowed in Iran. Comprehensive data is difficult to find, but according to the English-language Economic Times, as of January 2018, Iran has the seventh largest Instagram user base in the world, with more than 24 million users.

International limits still apply to Instagram users from Iran, and not all services, including paid sponsored ads, are available. Therefore, they have no choice but to use Instagram marketing strategy built-in features to raise their profile among Iranian users.

How did it happen? Let’s just say that Iranians are now masters of organic Instagram marketing.

When I talk about this, more than 80 million people are included in Iran. Instagram accounts I can think of hundreds that have over a million followers. A large number of them are followed by over 10 million people.

There are many profiles; one of them is Sadaf Beauty’s 3.50 million fans and Bahareh Salehnia Total of 3.1 million fans. Athlete Ali Karimi has 8.2 million followers, while comedian Hassan Reyvandi has 16.8 million.

Recipe 1: Cross-pollination

Consider a situation where you want to raise your profile but are not allowed to do so through paid material or any other type of advertising on Instagram social media. You won’t have money for advertising anyway because your company is in financial trouble.

There should be no influence payment with more than 100,000 followers. Find 20 accounts with a collective follower base of about 5,000, ideally all in the same industry.

Try to connect with each of them. Allow them the right to share your content in exchange for them doing the same for you. In the context of digital marketing, the term cross-pollination refers to this technique.

Without spending a penny, if you are successful, your profile can potentially reach another 100,000 people.

The technique was used by an Iranian travel service that saw a two-fold increase in its user base, according to a marketer who used it.

Recipe 2: Be like Scheherazade and tell a thousand and one stories

Storytellers are a talented group in Iran. This is a bit old. The character and narrator of the story of One Thousand and One Nights, which was first written in Persian before becoming better known in Arabic, Scheherazade

Before Shah Shahriar Shah fell in love and saved her life, she managed to captivate herself for a thousand and one nights with Scheherazade’s stories.

And that’s just what the current generation of Iranian social media marketing Instagram experts is teaching their seniors. Encourage conflict and daily sharing of personal experiences to keep customer churn low. At the beginning of every story, there should be a problem. Let’s use the following sentence as an example.

Wanted to go to work, but there was a car waiting in front of my building. This image could be used as the header image for an Instagram story.”

There may be more to the story. Since I didn’t have Aladdin’s lamp handy, I called the tow company to come to get the car, but it seems the photo of the tow truck is in the second picture. I got to work late, and the car was taken, but at least I got to avoid my employer for the day; the story would be over.

As with other success stories on Instagram, you should engage your followers throughout the story. A question like “Should I move the car myself or contact the police to longer lengths?

Recipe 3: Convince a celebrity to work with you

Your Instagram campaign feed should be updated with a celebrity video, which you should then praise and tag. Your comment can be edited to appear as a story on their profile. Many of their followers, perhaps millions, will find out about you if that’s the case.

Provide the following instructions to be quite convincing:

Be innovative. Make the most of your free tag by focusing on aspects of their personality. Ask them what they are most proud of. Browse through their past records and learn more about their history.

Check out upcoming TV episodes and news.

It should not be misleading, and any comments you offer should be honest. Write about topics that are dear to you.

The knowledge should be useful or relevant to the people you are trying to reach.

Everything has to connect. with your advantages, strengths, and business plans

  • Take a closer look at this recipe
  • Get to know every aspect of your feed, in this case, the Instagram profile and personality of a famous person.
  • Identify your target market.
  • Knowledge of trends market
  • Provide content that meets the needs of your target audience and your intended audience.
  • Align your marketing strategy with your company’s goals.

Recipe 4: Be personal and curious about your audience

Iran has experienced IDI interviewers who conduct in-depth interviews with travelers. Where exactly are you going? They ask. What motivates your desire to visit this place? When asked if there is anything else you want to say, you continue chatting until you finally leave.

If you use this approach in your marketing campaigns, you will learn a lot about your target market very quickly!

If you have bags, ask your audience to email you photos from the trip. If you’re a shop owner, ask them to send you photos of the food they’ve created along with your recipes. Do you run cosmetics? Please provide videos of your followers applying lipstick.

Ask your audience for comments at every opportunity in Instagram marketing posts. With every deed you commit and every contact you make, your profile should include comments discussing it and their opinions. Thanks to this, you can use all this knowledge to better target your audience and improve your product portfolio, which is in line with their needs.

Recipe 5:Make yourself bossy

I would define Iranians as controlling. They really think you should always be doing something for them, especially when it comes to social media.

For example, when a company asks their followers on Instagram to share an ad from a campaign on their personal profiles, they then contact them and ask for a screenshot of the posts to enter the contest.

These requests for action are traditional in Iranian social media, so this is a positive thing.

You will always be asked to take action or provide feedback. Any questions, suggestions, notes, or hugs and kisses? This is one example of a call to action that appears at the end of an Instagram caption for a Huawei campaign. Just like that. Most of the comments used the kiss emoticon.

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