Content Curation: Why Does It Matter to Marketers and Sellers?

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Every content marketer and online merchant should employ the secret weapon of curation. Building relationships and pipelines, as well as establishing credibility and trust, can all benefit. Less work is required to curate content than to produce it. Yet what really is meant by “content curation,” why is it important, and how can marketers and sellers get started are content curation?

What Is Content Curation?

A company can provide its clients with informative and well-organized content by curating high-quality, relevant create content. Using content curation. By using content curation, businesses can keep their clients motivated by providing a wide range of content.

Content curation is growing increasingly prevalent in today’s fast-paced and cutthroat economy as a strategy to stay up with rising customer needs for knowledge and enjoyment.

How Come Is Curation Important?

For some sales about digital marketing professionals, content curation may seem contradictory. It essentially involves sharing OPC or other people’s content. What’s the point of curating materials you already share with clients and prospects is curation. 

You should expand your content marketing and social selling efforts outside your own site for the following five reasons:

  • Building relationships is not performed by talking about oneself. You must distribute content from a variety of unbiased sources in order to gain your audience’s trust and assist them. Content curation can help you demonstrate independence and industry knowledge. You can increase your credibility and pipeline by doing so.
  • The best concepts are not unique to you. Outside of your own organization, there are lots of great changes happening. Your network looks to you as a trusted counselor and a source of information about these developments. It entails providing them with insights or serving as a “content concierge,” as some have put it. Although it isn’t your work, if you bring fantastic insight to the notice of your audience, you will be credited.
  • It’s important to stay educated. Effective sales and digital marketing professionals must keep up with the newest trends and industry improvements, which requires extensive reading. Why not curate and share your expertise with your audience if you are keeping yourself up to date? You can increase your credibility and pipeline by doing so.
  • Custodians can create and share content faster and more cheaply instead of developing it themselves. It’s unlikely that you will have the funding to produce all the content required to frequently share new insights with your audience unless you have a team of content marketers at your disposal. They can cover a lot more areas and interact with your audience better when you balance curation and creation.
  • Your customers benefit from content curation. Your first goal should be to support your clients’ success. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to find and share relevant, informative material with them. Your connections with other people will improve as a result of how much you assist them.

In what ways does curation assist content marketing?

Your digital marking content goals get backing from content curation in five crucial ways:

  • It supports the creation of original material and helps you to offer a broader perspective on developments in your business.
  • It strengthens your standing as a thought leader. In addition to your own original material, curated content from reliable outside sources can assist in establishing you as a dependable website and a reliable authority.
  • Your SEO efforts are enhanced by it. There are more opportunities for people to reach your website thanks to curated content, which is supplementary information that engines like Google analyze.
  • It aids in lead creation. The lead-generation and nurturing processes can be supported by using curated content in your newsletters, emails, and slideshows.
  • It enhances your social media usage. It adds to the content you share on social media and promotes online dialogue. Always remember to look beyond your own content.

In what ways does curation assist in digital selling?

The development of funnels and relationships in B2B has changed as a result of digital (or social) selling. Utilizing your social network to identify qualified leads, develop reliable relationships, and eventually meet your sales targets is what LinkedIn classifies as it.

According to LinkedIn, there are four parts to digital selling:

  1. Construct a credible brand
  2. Contact the appropriate individuals
  3. Engage with insights.
  4. Develop connections

Relative to traditional lead generation and sales cultivation methods like cold calling, this strategy is extremely different. Utilizing social networks begins by developing connections and trust. Providing insights to your prospects and clients is a crucial component of this strategy.

To identify and share insights with your clients and prospects, you must be a social seller (or content marketer). You become a more valued and trustworthy advisor as you share more insights with them.

In the words of him mainly “To be a trusted advisor, which is what all sales professionals should be aiming for, you need to do two things: establish trust and share advice. The same is true for you. You don’t have to make content. Your actions need to be informed about what’s going on in your industry, curate it (as a team), and share findings with the right people.

It’s difficult to find those insights. However, you may effectively remain on top of what is important to your clients if you develop a curating habit supported by effective tools and techniques. Let’s see how to accomplish this in real life.

Tips for LinkedIn Sharing Success

The primary network for social sellers and B2B marketing is LinkedIn. Although the advice in the next section is geared toward LinkedIn, you should also take into account the other social media platforms your audience uses.

Publicise Curated Content

Write a quick update and publish it when you find pertinent content to share. You have the option to share something with the public or with just your connections if you’d prefer. To the original article, a digital marketing blog always includes a link. To @mention, the original author is in good form. To improve the content and customize your change, include a comment. Include your main takeaway or insight, as well as why you think the article was useful. Which of the following is true for you? What questions does the content answer or raise are content. 

Draw Attention

In your LinkedIn updates, you have the option of @mentioning both the original authors and other people. If you want to use an update to capture the interest of a larger audience of prospects, this can be useful. It can also be a useful method to elicit a topic-specific conversation.

The people you’ve indicated will get a notification that alerts them to the update by sharing in this manner, which will allow your whole network to see the update.

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