Best Social Media And Messaging App Campaigns

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In our Socially Successful Media Campaigns You can Learn from the blog, we discussed how marketers could make use of the major platforms for social media to expand the reach of their campaigns and increase conversions.

We’ll look at the newest and most promising channels marketers could miss when designing their campaigns. We’ll explore what a successful social media campaign will look like. These are TikTok, WeChat, WhatsApp etc. 

Let’s begin with the most disruptive social media player, TikTok!

TikTok Social Media Campaigns

It was launched in the year 2016, and TikTok is home to over 1 billion daily users. The number of users is still higher than Snapchat and Twitter, despite being smaller than Facebook or Instagram. The app is extremely loved by those who are younger than 30. The active users spend an average of an hour a working day on TikTok.

TikTok is an application for short-form videos. TikTok videos typically last between 15 seconds and a minute, although they may be as long as 10 minutes. The app has been recognized for its entertainment value, with users sharing humorous videos, dancing routines, fashion tips, and funny mix-ups.

TikTok is an effective tool for marketing when utilized by marketers to reach out to audiences by using authentic, bite-sized videos. If you can convey your brand’s story within one minute, you’ll be able to get a response from a TikTok audience. Furthermore, TikTok videos are often shared on other platforms, so your content is watched by a wide range of people.

Brands should be aware of the factors that make the platform function and also what kind of content is the most efficient on it. In addition, instead of posting content, they could consider offering additional benefits such as challenges and music, which users can personalize. That means that they need to relinquish some control over their image and story to get noticed on this platform. It’s still worth an effort because a large number of purchases are made on TikTok.

TikTok Campaign – Ocean Spray

Being a part of the latest trends is a great way to ensure your company is noticed on TikTok. Ocean Spray made fantastic usage of a viral clip (28.5 million views) which featured Nathan Apodaca drinking from the bottle of Ocean Spray on his way to skateboard while singing along with Fleetwood Mac’s song ‘Dreams.’

The company capitalized on the popularity of the viral video, sending Nathan an orange pick-up truck filled with Ocean Spray products, in which Nathan recreated his original post by singing and taking a drink of Ocean Spray. The re-post has garnered 4.5 million likes and increased the brand’s visibility Ocean Spray in a clever way that leverages the effectiveness to make use of user-generated content instead of branded and sponsored content.

TikTok campaign – Duolingo

The app to learn languages Duolingo has seen huge growth on TikTok. Its mascot is an owl. The Duo, the company has attracted millions of users by creating humorous and funny videos which give their mascot a distinctive and somewhat scary look! The brand’s original videos that feature the owl at work with workers in different situations have been a big hit with TikTok creators and users.

A popular video included lyrics like “the killer is escaping,” which was sung by Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story featuring Duo running in the office. It also resulted in a variety of memes, including lip-synching, remixes, and remixes.

WeChat Social Media Campaigns Strategy

WeChat is a peer-to-peer communication and messaging platform? It’s primarily used for text messaging but has since evolved into a well-known social media platform. WeChat offers integrated shopping and payment features which are attractive to marketers due to the increasingly popular social marketplace. With WeChat, users can place orders and pay for items as well as services directly through the application.

WeChat is home to greater than 1.2 billion people active every month, who spend, on average, an hour on the app each day. They transmit 3.5 billion messages per day. Most of the WeChat users reside located in China. However, It is also home to 19 million of its users from the US.

The platform provides great opportunities for targeted, granular messages and the development of mini-programs. It also lets brands advertise in a variety of formats for media.

The one YouTube video included one line, “the killer is escaping,” that was spoken by Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story featuring Duo chased by staff members around the office. The scene has inspired many memes, including lip-synching, remixes, and remixes.

WeChat Campaign – Skittles

Brand Candy Skittles utilized gaming to conduct an efficient WeChat advertising campaign across China. They developed a mobile game to celebrate Chinese New Year that was based on the custom of giving envelopes with red foil. The campaign included ‘The Very frustrating Red Packet’ feature once every day for five days, which required more than 50,000 taps to open the envelope as opposed to other games, which just require one tap. The first player to hit the 50,000th tap was awarded Y=49999 (ca. $7,750) following the purchase of the QR code of the hongbao-themed Skittles to participate in the competition.

This innovative take on a standard game format drew lots of attention and enticed players to share the story with their friends. It was also coupled with an influencer-driven social media marketing campaign, as well as an entertaining TVC campaign that created an impression across all social media platforms.

WeChat Campaign – Fendi

Luxury brand Fendi made use of influencers called Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in China to advertise their 2020 collection via WeChat. Utilizing stylish images featuring famous actors Xu Weizhou and Qiao Xin, Fendi used WeChat to provide a link to their Chinese website, where customers could browse and purchase pieces from the collection. This is an excellent illustration of a brand that is not Asian, using a well-known platform to engage and target Chinese customers and tap into the expanding Chinese market for e-commerce.

WeChat campaign Mercedes

Mercedes made use of Mini Program Ads on WeChat’s platform to promote their “She’s Mercedes” social media campaign strategy on International Women’s Day (IWD). A program that Mercedes launched in the year 2017 in order to inspire Chinese women to take advantage of IWD to share their achievements stories, with a focus on women’s empowerment and social achievements. Mercedes declared that its goal was to put women on the path to success.

By using the hashtag #shesmercedes in addition to engaging KOLs through the social review platform Xiaohongshu (aka Little Red Book), This campaign asked women to share their experiences on WeChat. The top 100 participants won the most luxurious Benz handbag. The campaign was a huge success with the hashtag “She’s Mercedes which racked up 4.15 million views and 300plus articles on Xiaohongshu. Through the inclusion of hyperlinks to the website of the company and the best social media campaigns, the brand could increase the sales of its products.

WhatsApp Social Media Campaigns

A peer-to-peer messaging platform, WhatsApp is similar to WeChat. But, it also permits businesses to connect directly with customers or an audience for customer service or sales when they share with them their WhatsApp contacts number.

WhatsApp has around two billion users per month, which makes it the most popular social media network, surpassing WeChat and Facebook Messenger. It has grown to become the third-most popular social network. This creates WhatsApp an ideal marketing tool.

WhatsApp Campaign – Financial Times

Financial Times (FT) discovered its success using WhatsApp by posting two articles for free each day with selected categories comprising WhatsApp users. The publication found that adjusting its content to include stories about markets rather than news stories made its readers more likely to revisit their website after seven days.

Based on a poll of WhatsApp users and WhatsApp users, the FT discovered that the majority of those it contacted via the app were not members. They were also younger, with more than a third between the ages of 26 to 35. In the end, it was found that those joining this WhatsApp community were a 40 percent greater likelihood to go to its website and sign up.

WhatsApp campaign Netflix

Netflix provides personalized recommendations to those who have it added to WhatsApp contacts. Furthermore, with WhatsApp’s picture-in-picture-player, whenever an individual shares an URL to Netflix, trailers (if there is one available) will be played on the platform the same way as YouTube videos.

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