The Digital World, Imagined Differently
We are a full-service creative agency, made up of a team of experienced innovators. Our mission is to help bring your brand to the right audience, in the right way.

Values that lead us


Think big

We at Trunk Nut Take Your Dreams to the Next Level and Achieve Your Biggest Goals. At Trunk Nut, we believe in thinking big and taking your dreams to the next level. We are committed to helping you reach your biggest goals and fulfill your ambitions!


Generate Sales & revenue

At Trunk Nut, our team will use search engine marketing, and content creation to create highly targeted leads and build relationships. Lastly, our experienced team will convert leads into closed sales opportunities.


Partners, not clients

At Trunk Nut, our clients are not just clients, but partners who we work with to achieve our common goals. We value their feedback and collaboration and strive to develop long-term relationships with each one.


Always be learning

No matter how experienced or skilled we become, there is always something new to learn. We never stop growing our knowledge and skillset so that we can continue to achieve greater success.

Our team of Big Thinkers

Rudy Horne

Founder, Brand Strategist

Sabrina Philip

Creative Director

Teegan Squires

Web Designer

Cruz Lowry

Digital Marketing Manager

See our ideas come to life

Welcome to Trunk Nut! We are a passionate team of digital professionals that are committed to helping businesses create the perfect digital makeover.

From the beginning stages of brainstorming and strategy, all the way through to the completion of your project, we will work together to bring your vision to life.

With our expertise in digital solutions, we can ensure that you have a memorable and successful experience with us.

Let’s get creative

Welcome to Trunk Nut! We are a creative team of professionals who will help you get the proven results you need. Let us work together to achieve success.

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